vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Our friend Mangku Ardana, connected to the temple Pura Dalem Gandalangu in Tengkulak, of which temple we did some investigation as the 'young archeologists', asked us to make some publicity about the piece of land he has put for sale.
It is close to the little village Tengkulak. A few kilomaters from Ubud.
Nice setting, the usual Bali landscape, with palmtrees and ricefields. Just a few houses nearby.
Very quiet.

It is 43 are. Price 60.000.000 rupiah for one are.
The full name of our friend is: Jero Mangku Nyoman Ardana.
Address: Banjar Tengkulak Kaja Kauh, desa Kemenuh, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali.
Tel. (local) 0361 970376 or 081 936222348.
An official certificate that he is the only one owner is there.
It is surrounded by small rivers and there is a hill on the backside.

Mangku Ardana shows his property. Our driver and brother Cerick joins.

Sight from the hill. From there you can see the house of the neighbours.

Going down again.
The exit to the street.

There a little temple.

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