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In February 2009 we (Hans and Fifi) visited the famous Pura Penataran Ped for the first time.

Click for the film under “links’ youtube 2010#15 Pura Penataran Ped Nusa Penida.

And for more information about the island: www.nusapenida.nl

In my diary I wrote the following.

Seta steps firmly in the direction of the temple. We just had breakfast consisting of nasi goreng in the small warung opposite of it. We just have to follow our leader. In one hand a plastic bag full of offering. He bought it in the warung for the enormous price of 2500 rupiah. He is dressed up in the proper way and we call him now our mangku. Because he direct what we have to do regarding the religion.

A sign in front of the temple shows that the temple in fact consists of four temples, which you have to visit in the right follow up. The Pura Segara, the Pura Taman, the Pura Ratu Gede and the Pura Penataran Agung. Seta waves with his hand to follow .

We arrive at the Pura Segara, it is the one which is most close to the beach and sea. Which was to expect, because all the Pura Segara´s on Bali have a relation to the sea. That the temple has something to do with the sea shows the big fish in a shrine. The main god in the temple: Baruna.

Seta shows us what we have to do with the offering. I look to him and follow every movement with the small petals between the fingers, some of those ending behind the ears. In fact this is the first time we do this. And then he blesses us with the holy water.

Coming out of the sea temple we take a look at the beach. Very clearly is the Gunung Agung visible. An awesome sight: down the turquoise sea, above the different kinds of blue of the mountain and the air. On the top of the mountain the tiny white of a small cloud. As a sign showing: this is the throne of the gods.

The Pura Taman - taman means garden - is in the middle of a pond. Like the Taman temple in Mengwi, also surrounded by water. But this one is much smaller and cosier. We enter it by a small bridge with on each banister a snake with naga-head. Like guards. In this temple we repeat our actions of offering and prayer. I don´t mind doing it as being not a hindu. I do my prayer for the well being of all the creatures in the universe. The temple is nice decorated. Made like everything here mostly from limestone.

The nagas curle their long bodies on the bridge. The pond is full of lotus flowers.

Trees with flowers. It is a fairylike atmosphere.

Just when we have left the temple and put a last look on it, we see some Balinese people going over the bridge and entering the temple. One woman completely in white starts dancing and soon gets in trance. It is the first time I see someone in trance. Seta comes standing next to me and calls it: ´Dari.´

The third temple is the Pura Ratu Gede. The temple of I Mecaling. For which so many Balinese cross over the ocean. After our ritual of offering and praying, we hear a very strange sound. First I think it is a dog, who is making the sound. But then it appears to come from the woman in the right corner. Next to the shrine dedicated to Ratu Gede. Seta explains these things can happen. It is Ratu Gede, manifestating in someone who is open for this phenomena.

The fourth and last temple the Pura Penataran Agung, is the most decorated one.

It feels like the reward after the pilgrimage. Having reached the summit. After going around completing this mandala of temples

Fifi and me we stay there for a while, just sitting and enjoying.

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