donderdag 12 mei 2011

The Old Statues of

Pura Gunung Raungngg

In January we visited the famous old temple to see our friend Mangku Kubayan again to find out about the ceremonies to come. The renovation just finished there will be a big celebration on 23rd of March. Many people already busy with the preparations. Everyone has his or her task. The whole community together. What a joy and harmony!!! Really great to be there and to taste already something of the ceremonies. Really eyecatchers were the old statues all put together in the middle. Next to the temporary shrine the " sangar tawang". There also a new statue was being built. Probably of the holy Sri Markandya, who ended up his spiritual journey coming from Jawa from the Gungung Raung with hundreds of followers, here in Taro and erected this temple.
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