zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Holy Barongs & Rangdas arriving with ceremony at Pura Suci

On January the 16th 2011, coming back from a trip to Taro we saw from far the penjors at Pura Suci in Bangkiang Sidem, close to Ubud. So went to look and met again our friend the painter Marjana, as friendly as always. From him we heard that the same evening many Barong and Rangda maks will arrive from other temples, as beginning part of the "odalan".
So we felt very lucky and of course in the evening we attended the event.
As explained by Marjana this temple is one of the important temples on the Sri Markandya route, starting from Pura Gunung Lebah in Campuan, ending up in Pura Gunung Raung in Taro.

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