dinsdag 1 november 2011

Pura Puakan Taro

As regular visitors in the beautiful area of Taro and more specific the Pura Gunung Raung in Taro and with a nose for old archaeological things we, in the good company of our friend Pak Muning of the Puri Lukisan, were invited by Jero Mangku Kubayan to go with him to the Pura Puakan.

In the region it is strongly believed that this Pura Puakan is the oldest temple on Bali. First comes this one, than the Pura Gunung Raung in Taro and third is the mothertemple of Besakih. It is what they say in the region of Taro..

But all erected by the famous holy Sri Markandya, as a result of his spiritual journeys more than 1000 years ago.

If it is all true or not, we were struck by the holy place. We found on a hill a very simple temple, only one bamboo shrine and a holy big stone in the ground, covered by leaves and surrounded by the majestic old trees. All this giving it a very special athmosphere, difficult to explain.

Most striking for us was the mysterious light coming through the high trees, touching the holy stone on the ground.

We joined the offering ritual with the local Jero Mangku. We felt very holy after that. And were very grateful that they brought us here. A great experience once again on Bali.

See for the film on youtube


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