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by Hans & Fifi

The legend of Jayaprana and Layonsari is one of the most famous stories on Bali. A sad love story about loyalty and love. For many Balinese it is a dream to come here. We had to climb many steps, in a beautiful landscape. Monkeys are welcoming us. But for Fifi a difficult thing to do. But she succeeded. Rewarded by the blessing of the priest.

The story of Jayaprana goed likes this: Long time ago there was a kingdom called Kalianget there was a terrible disease all over the kingdom. Also many members of the royal family were killed by the disease. But the king sayed alive and adopted a young boy, who lost his parents, as his son and successor. This is Jayaprana who grew up happily to a very handsome man. He fell in love with a beautiful girl, name unknown, but later they called here Layonsari. The king gave permission to marry her.

But then the king himself fell, in love with the girl and wanted to marry her and sent his son away on a military expedition and gave his patih the order to kill Jayaprana during the battle. At the end of the battle the patih several times tried to kill Jayaprana but never suceeded. Jayaprana asked him why and then the patih told him that he had orders from his father the king.

Out of obedience to his father Jayaprana told the patih to kill him. Immediately after his death his body started to spread a fragrant scent. The scent covered very soon the whole forest and all the animals were very sad. Except for one white tiger: he rushed to the dead body and killed the patih still holding his bloody keris.

The bad news spread out over the kingdom and when Layonsari realised what had happened she killed herself immediately.

The king, realising his misdeed withdrew himself from the kingdom.

There are two graves: One for Jayaprana and Layonsari together and one for the patih to guard them forever.

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