zaterdag 3 december 2011

West Bali #1 Pura Melanting

(next to Pura Pulaki)

by Hans & Fifi

Part one of our trip to the west: the Pura Melanting, built on the feet of a rocky hill (near Banyupoh, 60 km west of Singaraja) , where specially the business people are going for praying for good business and protection. It is also the temple of the goddess Bhatari Melanting, the daughter of the famous holy Danghyang Nirartha, who came from Java round the 16th century. The temple in his form today is designed by Ida Bagus Tugur and houses a beautiful pond, spectacular dragons and a "pelinggih gedong" decorated in a rainbow with many colours. Already the steps to the temple are alreay stunning, as both sides are decorated with impressive nagas and lotus flowers, to show the path to the goddess.

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