vrijdag 16 december 2011


Bali: Tujoes of Puri Anyar Kerambitan

making the portrait of Fifi

For some years we are good friends with the royal family in Puri Anyar in Kerambitan. We have always great time there. Nice conversations. This time the prince/painter Tujoes made a portrait of Fifi. The shooting proofs the peace and harmony in which this action took place.


Bali: Our Dream Room in the Palace

(Puri Anyar Kerambitan) by Hans & Fifi

This room is really special.We found that from the beginning. Magical and mysterious. Special in the night. Then the imagination starts working. Illustrated by the paintings of the prince/artist of the royal family: Tujoes.


Bali: "Praying, playing & fishing" at

the beach near Kerambitan by Hans & Fifi

During our last visit in the Puri Anyar in Kerambitan prince Tujoes invites us to go to the nearby beach to see the sun going down. The ride with the jeep through the nice landscape is already special. And at the beach with the black sand and the rough sea we are happily confronted with "praying, playing & fishing". The fishing is fascinating: men going into the wild ocean with only a long wooden pole and a rope which connects them with the shore. Energetic.

Bali: "Songan - the volcano, the temple,

the lake (Batur)" by Hans & Fifi

After 5 years we bring a second visit to the Pura Hulun Danau Batur in the old village of Songan. We have there a special meeting with the local guide Ketut Pasek.


Bali: The Cemetary of Bali Aga village

Trunyan (lake Batur) by Hans & Fifi

In the year 2004 we became such curious for the special cemetary of Trunyan, that we decided to go there. Of course by boat on the lake Batur, already a great adventure. But the only possibility to get there. As Bali Aga (the original people of Bali) the people of Trunyan have other habits and traditions. One is treating the dead bodies. They are not buried neither cremated.


Bali: Pura Saab on Nusa Penida

(old temple) by Hans & Fifi

The Pura Saab is one of the most important temples on the island Nusa Penida. We go there on full moon. Nice trip in the mountains. In fact the temple consists of three temples. The friendly local guide and the "mangku" do a lot of effort to explain everything. And also our friend & driver Nengah Seta is great and so is our day. An unforgetable trip once again.

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