zaterdag 3 december 2011

Bali: Five Old Temples in Payangan

(Sri Markandya country)

by Hans & Fifi

As "The Young Archaeologists' as we call ourselves jokingly we are this time on a remarkable journey through rural Payangan. In fact following the spiritual journey of the holy Sri Markandya many years ago. In search of five rather unknown old temples. Related to each other and in relation with Sri Markandya. Erected by him or his followers yes or no (because it is not sure), most important are the knowledge and ideas of the holy man. Specially coming to life by the friendliness and hospitality of the local people. Many thanks them. And to our big friend Gung Kak (A.A. Ngurah Muning, curator of the Puri Lukisan) as being the best guide there is. And last but not least to our brother/driver Dewa Cerick who brings us everyhwere. He knows all the small roads of Bali. A real great experience again, which we like to share.

Pura Murwa Bhumi in Pengaji
Pura Er Jeruk in Semaon
Pura Puser Tasik in Ponggang
Pura Puseh in Penginyahan
Pura Alas Anker in Kerta

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