zaterdag 3 december 2011

West Bali #2 The Monkeys of

Pura Pulaki

by Hans & Fifi

Pura Pukaki is one of the six most important temples of Bali (the so called "Sad Kahyangan"). Built at the foot of a blackstone hill, facing the beach. The home of many holy monkeys. It is said that when the holy Danghyang Nirartha, who is the founder of the temple, early 16th century, coming from Java, entered the forest of Pulaki he was escorted by the macaques. And so the monkeys became his guardians.
It is located not far from Pura Melanting (see the other video), 60 km west from Singaraja.
Pulaki is also the name of the realm (a kind of Shambala or Sangri La) where the "gamang" are staying. Immortalised by Nirartha and so invisible for the visible world. Beyond them his daughter (Bhatari Melanting) and some thousands of people of the village. Sometimes they appear as white tigers or special monkeys. Dogs seem to bark without reason when one "gamang" comes close.

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